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Founded nearly a decade ago, our wealth management division draws upon the many strengths of Dry Associates, incorporating an investment strategy that seeks to build and protect wealth. We specialize in combining financial planning with personalized portfolio management.

We understand that over the years, many larger, international financial firms have moved away from the “old model of Private Banking”, in favor of assigning their clients numbers and making the client-advisor interaction quite impersonal. At Dry Associates we strive to offer the oft-forgotten personal touch…our approach might be more closely compared with what is known as a “family office” in the United States.

At Dry Associates, we pride ourselves on being an independent fund manager … while we maintain commercial relationships with almost all financial intermediaries, we are not owned by any larger financial institution; as such, we are not beholden to other associated parties interests. Nowadays, many wealth management firms are not independently owned, but rather are subsidiaries of larger banking organizations, which we feel may not always benefit the client.

When initially structuring and reviewing a private wealth portfolio, the critical considerations that we take into account include, but are not limited to:

  • Prioritization of the clients financial goals
  • Understanding the clients time horizon
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Investor risk appetite
  • Currency risk
  • Income generation
  • Capital growth
  • Estate planning (structured in conjunction with our Legal Services department)

Amongst the asset classes that we incorporate into our PW portfolios are:

  • Short term Kenyan fixed income products (such as Bank Deposits)
  • Long term Kenyan fixed income products (such as GOK Bonds)
  • Kenyan Equity and other local alternative investments
  • Offshore fixed income mutual funds
  • Offshore equity mutual funds
  • Property

While the Private Wealth Division is focused primarily on individual business, we also accept business from schools, trusts, foundations and charities. We have found that the investment portfolios of such organizations are similarly well-managed through our product due to the rotational nature of the signatories and trustees involved.

For a private meeting please contact Spence Dry by   clicking here.