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As part of its strong governance framework, Dry Associates has an Investment Committee comprising of senior members of management and chaired by the General Manager. The Investment Committee meets regularly to manage Dry Associates proprietary investment portfolio, Dry Associates Ltd. managed pension funds, and Dry Associates unit trust portfolios.

Dry Associates Investment Committee decisions are guided by Investment Policy Statements (IPS), which represent the broad outlines of investment principles and strategies adopted in managing these different portfolios. An IPS, among other things, defines the strategic asset allocation between asset classes such as government securities, corporate debt securities, bank fixed deposits, equities, offshore, property and cash. Dry Associates primary investment objectives are  capital preservation first and return on investment second based on a judicious balance of diversification, liquidity and forward looking research. The IPSs of different portfolios articulate the level of risk tolerance from low to moderate.

With over 20 years experience in investment management, you can rest assured that Dry Associates will manage your investments with the utmost integrity and professionalism!