For investors preferring to invest in US Dollars, Dry Associates offers the option of the Dry Associates Money Market Fund (USD).

The Dry Associates Money Market Fund (USD) aims to provide safety and income over the short to medium term period by investing in a diversified portfolio of US dollar denominated fixed income securities with maturities of less than 18 months. The emphasis of the Dry Associates Money Market Fund (USD), like that of the Dry Associates Money Market Fund (KES), is on safety and high current income.

The fund composition includes bank deposits, treasury bills and (short-dated) treasury bonds, commercial paper and other dollar-denominated near cash equivalents; with defined maximal asset allocations.

This fund is also structured for investment of money for an indefinite time; with interest income being paid out monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually as selected by the investor. Investors will find that the return of the Dry Associates Money Market Fund (USD) is competitive in the market place with our experienced investment committee ensuring an optimal asset mix, to maximize this fund’s yield.
The fund is valued on a daily basis and the yield is available in the Daily Nation and Business Daily.

Please find attached here our Dry Associates Money Market Fund (USD) Fact Sheet.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing the suitability of the Dry Associates Money Market Fund (USD) for your specific circumstances. Please do not hesitate to contact our team at Dry Associates for further information.

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