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Tailor-made for both individuals and corporates, Dry Associates offers a retirement benefits plan, namely the Dry Associates Personal Provident Plan (DAPPP) through which individuals (in their own right) or employees of organizations can contribute and save for their retirement in a tax-efficient manner. With over 27 years’ experience in investment management, you can be rest assured that your retirement savings will grow and be in safe hands with our award-winning pension fund. We will be introducing some new pension products later this year… because we want to make sure we cater for all your individual and corporate unique needs.

Please click here for the latest DAPPP Fact Sheet.

For Individuals, joining DAPPP is extremely easy. Simply fill in the membership form below and provide a copy of your identification document (Identity Card or Passport) and indicate whether you intend to contribute to your retirement savings monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually – these contributions can either be flexible of fixed amounts. There are no set limits, which allows our product to suit you and your circumstances… always!

Please find attached here our DAPPP Application Form.

For corporates (organizations) interested in sponsoring membership into DAPPP, we will gladly come to your offices and explain and present to both management and members of your staff on the benefits of joining a retirement plan like DAPPP. Having a retirement savings plan has multiple benefits for businesses – not just to attract and retain exceptional staff which will impact your organizational performance!

Once again, joining DAPPP is easy for corporates too… your employees just need to fill in the membership form and provide a copy of their identification document indicating flexible or fixed monthly contributions into the fund from their salaries (from payroll). Corporates as the employer may or may not decide to contribute a set amount towards their employee’s retirement savings plan – mostly all corporates do which further increases the attractiveness of working at their company.

Please find attached here our DAPPP Application Form.

Notice of AGM of Dry Associates Personal Provident Plan.

TBA after the completion of the audit of year ending 31st December 2021.

We look forward to hearing from you and having you join DAPPP, where we will grow your savings now, to take care of your future!

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