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Corporate Philosophy

Reading about corporate philosophy might be something you’re tempted to overlook. Be assured, however, that it is vitally important. It determines what type of relationship you will have with your financial partner. In large part, it is what distinguishes Dry Associates from other financial institutions.

Our philosophy is based on several principles, which we are proud to share with Clients. In brief, it is focused on Service, Competence and Integrity.

In articulating our philosophy, we find we share many of the philosophical and ethical principles promoted by the Institute of Certified Financial Analysts. Indeed, several of our own staff are candidates for the coveted Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) accreditation.

Here then are the principles that govern our relationship with you, our Client. Be assured that these principles will always govern our relationship as long as we are privileged to work with you, our Client.


Every Dry Associates’ Client is assigned an Investment Executive. They provide front line personalized service. Whenever required, they have access to a wide range of specialized skills and expertise available within Dry Associates. There is continuous interaction among staff members, internal committees, and senior management. First of all, however, it is the their duty to understand his Client’s personal or business objectives. Only then can they be in a position to prepare a plan on how to achieve certain financial objectives. As a Dry Associates professional, they are committed to providing these services promptly and thoroughly. Long range planning and implementation of these plans is best achieved after discussion, investigation and then commitment to a written plan. This is why all Clients are recommended to work with the Dry Associates Private Wealth framework.


Integrity is our most carefully guarded asset. Only a scrupulous commitment to personal integrity by Dry Associates and every Investment Executive will allow trust to be the cornerstone of the Client – Investment Executive relationship.


All the other principles are nothing without competence. Competence is obtaining and applying exceptional financial skills and expertise in servicing every Dry Associates Client. All Investment Executives at Dry Associates, in additional to undergraduate and often graduate education, have gone through training at Dry Associates to prepare them for dealing with Clients’ varied requirements. This training covers best practice in a wide range of financial subjects – from foreign exchange trading to offshore investment to estate planning. Competence, however, also requires recognizing when additional specialized expertise is required. Dry Associates works with many professionals, including trustees, public accountants, outside legal counsel, and others to whom Clients will be referred where appropriate.